Tales from the Yawning Portal

Session 1: From Oakhurst to the Sunless Citadel

The party's meeting, travel to the ravine, descent to the citadel, and encounter with reptilian humanoids

The party

  • Carrie Nightbreeze, half-elf monk 1st level (Milo)
  • Damakos, tiefling paladin/sorceror 1st/1st (Jonah)
  • Evandar Holyshield, human cleric 1st (Chris)
  • Shade of the Till Cliff, tabaxi rogue 1st (Alex)
  • Silas, half-elf wizard, 1st (Kelson)

Occurrences of note

  1. Meeting at the Ol' Boar Inn—and rumors
  2. Outfitting in Oakhurst—and an assignment from the Hucrele family
  3. Early morning march to the ravine
  4. Descent into the depths and darkness
  5. Entering the Sunless Citadel, averting a pit trap
  6. Discovering draconic runes
  7. Meeting reptilian humanoids—and an assignment from Yusdrayl
  8. Refilling a dry fountain—and potions of fire breath



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