Tales from the Yawning Portal

Session 2: Heading to Goblin Gate

Meepo leads the party to find the stolen wyrmling dragon, and the group encounters goblins

The party

  • Kadin Fellwind, human rogue 1st (Alex)
  • Tork, goliath fighter 1st (David)
  • Varis Nailo, half-elf warlock 1st (Noah)
  • Wilt High-hill, halfling cleric 1st (Dan)

Occurrences of note

  1. Examining the western door ("Rebuke the dead, open the way")—and evading a scythe trap
  2. Fighting giant rats in the infested cells after Tork slams a door open
  3. Finding disabled pit traps and another dry fountain
  4. Returning to Caltrop Hall and fighting two goblins hiding behind a low wall
  5. Heading back to the reptilian humanoids to rest after combat
  6. Sleeping in the reptilian humanoid barracks—hosted by Yusdrayl
  7. After a long rest, back to Goblin Gate
  8. Opening the door in the south wall



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